These classes are suited for all levels. Please ensure you are listening to your body and not just giving it orders or suggestions. Find the natural expression of the body when inviting the posture into it. I always try to que alignment precicely. With the alignement in place the body will express the posture uniquely while the breath subtly makes physical and energetic adjustments where needed. 

It is very important to let go of the muscles and relax them completely in yin yoga. This is not a yang practice where the muscles are strenthened and sculpted. In order to get to the facia and connective tissues to strenthen into the joint health it is important to not draw energy into muscle activation. 

The mind plays a big role in trying to convince the body to fidget and move to releave the minds discomfort. The more you override that impulse the more the body and mind will sink deeper. 

Yin Yoga for Inner peace

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