Face it.

Face it…

Our face is the living road map of our life story. Not only does it reveal the present emotions, feelings, health and care level, but it also have imprinted maps where you have been. Laughing lines can be seen around the mouth, where pure joyful and bliss moments left imprints on the outer corners of our eyes as well. Worry can be seen on our forehead and pain can be seen around the eyes and in between the eyebrows.

Our face impression is what introduces us and our situation to others without even knowing it. If someone is grieving and presents the world with a smile, the sadness can be seen behind the smile by looking at the persons eyes. Every emotion possible can be expressed only with a face.

So how do we bring mindfulness into our face and our daily routine to care for our face?

Firstly I would say, become aware. Bring awareness into your face as you experience different emotions. We don’t walk around with a mirror to see what our facial expressions looks like, but when we become aware of our face when we feels certain things we start to notice which muscles are automatically linked to certain emotions and feelings. Feel the difference in the muscles your nervous system activates if you laugh at a joke your boss told you but wasn’t funny versus a personal joke between two loved ones that triggers a great memory.

Why is this useful? Sometimes we are overwhelmed with emotion and we don’t really know how we feel or how to translate it. This technique can assist you to figure it out. Do you really have a resting bitch face or are there unresolved emotions that manifested in your body that left imprints on your face?

The next question then is, how to care for our face…

It is important to remember that care comes from within and without. So not only the food we eat, amount of water we drink and what facial products we use, but also the inner voice we talk to ourselves with. This is a subject for another article though.

Wash + moisturize mindfully

Whether you are a man or a woman, what is the difference really? Cleaning your face of physical and energetic dirt. As you wash your face be present and mindful that you are washing off any dirt that might have been built up through the day. The water you rinse your face with will rinse any emotional energy with it. We moisturize our face to prevent wrinkles and to make it feel soft and healthy. Again you can bring mindfulness into this action. Instead of doing this and being concerned about your wrinkles, why not create an affirmation and self-love routine to prevent wrinkles or prevent more wrinkles. Don’t get the wrong impression that you won’t ever get wrinkles when you start doing this. Wrinkles are a sign that you lived, experienced and loved. Don’t deny yourself that. This can be a way you make peace with the emotions and stories and don’t allow unresolved issues to be a reminder left on your face.

Affirmation ideas:

Wash – I wash away all the emotions and dirt of the day. I clean my face with grace. I cleanse away all the unresolved worries I have no control over. I face all new situations in a clean new way.

Moisturize – When moisturizing your face, give yourself some self-love for 2 min while giving yourself a facial massage. And when you get to your eyes, create an infinity sign around in an anti-clockwise rotation so you take your fingers up at the outer edges of your eyes and down the middle of your eyes. Along with saying an affirmation like: My skin is healthy, full of collagen, firm, young looking and free to express myself honestly. I care for myself and my face infinitely.

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