We are all told “live your life to the fullest”,

I am here to help you do just that.

Divine Interest serves as a vessel to project your passions and share your   truth, which will  help you  heal and grow more towards your ownthenticity.

Every time you go to sleep you are a yogi. Transcending the body mind consciousness into pure knowing awareness without any distortion.

The body is an embodied soul and once purified, Truth reveals itself and can be digested with less distortion. Outward action or ritual can not over rule ignorance. 


True knowledge alone can do that and it can only spring from genuine inquiry.


YOGA: the technique of genuine spiritual inquiry. 

Any teaching, practice, tools, scripture etc can be represented as a torch light looking for Truth in a dark room, but when Self-Realization happens...

The sun rises and reveals itself.

Will you then still use the torch to look for the sun?

Seems foolish to do so...

Until then, use the torch and don't give up.

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Perfect lesson if you want to take it easy but looking for something different than yin. The teacher had a very nice voice and because there was no music on, this came out even more and made the entire lesson very meditative.


Carla brings an extra layer to the flow classes. The classes are strong and have a nice pace, she always gives options for more advanced variations and if you like she helps you get further into them. The classes have mindful themes and always triggers self reflection.


A great class for beginners or experienced, Carla/ Callie is a very good instructor with fantastic energy. Very calming and soothing. The pace is good with a focus on the poses. In all my favorite class. 


Carla is a great experienced teacher!! Every week she works with a special theme. She knows really good how to motivate and challenge the class with new exercises. Every week is different, but I like that a lot! I learn a lot or new things in her classes. It's a hatha +++ class for sure!