Journey to Self Realization

I call bullshit!
You are NOT broken, nor do you need fixing, improving or changing!

Do you also have this deep longing to find purpose and deeper meaning to your existence?

People with trauma get overshadowed with survival mode. It is so easy to get stuck in fear-based protective mechanisms and that creates a certain loop, that after some time you feel stuck in it (eg trying to please people at your own account).

Sometimes unknowingly and other times it is known without the knowledge how to break free of those chains.

Do you sometimes get stuck feeling scared, tired and hopeless?

I am talking to you.

Have you tried to get help but nothing worked?

I am here to hold up a mirror showing you that you have been seeking in the wrong places and that is ok.


There are entire industries created to convince people that they need to be fixed and that they are successful only when they tick certain boxes of conditions. I used to be one of those people endlessly seeking and maybe you have also walked in my shoes.


To set the record straight, this is not the place for that!

My Promise to you.


 I am not here to teach you anything, just to awaken dormant knowledge within.

I am here to guide you towards unlearning and remembrance of Truths you intuitively already know.

I am here to speak to something deeper, beyond, that is listening and can Truly hear.

That can confirm its recognition, intuition and truth through the body vehicle. I am here to guide you to natural ecstatic surrender into what Truly is.

Intuition is not a knowledge that can be taught.

Hence why I cant teach anything that you don't intuitively know.



I promise to guide you to meet your own wisdom that is already within.


It is time we stop over taxing the mind by praising it as the master.

The mind is the central processing unit but we have given it the job of god. Overloading it with programs, conditions, information and questions to seek answers. What else did we expect other than warning signs like depression, anger, anxiety being fired?





Experience your Truth


The coaching I offer is not a product, service, technique, tool or second hand promise of happiness or awakening.


Instead I promise to offer an experience of Truth. Without labels or stories attached. I offer the naked truth that so many people prefer dressed in lies and sweet stories. But it Really is the Truth that sets you Free.


If you are anything like me, it doesn't matter what advice you hear from someone else, you want to experience it for yourself.

It is only once experienced that we can embody the wisdom.


Thus this is a self realization experience you can verify for yourself, not a coaching therapy.

What can you experience in the coaching?


In the journey to self realization coaching sessions, you can expect teachings and practices from all limbs of yoga and also the merging of different forms and types of yoga:

Asana, pranayama, meditation, devotion, action merged into a life forms.

Easy and practical tips how to integrate this into your every day life. Turning knowledge into wisdom through experience and practical application to your perception.


From a place of intuition I use:

Advaita vedanta


Human design

Open awareness

Yoga (in all forms)

Always holding space for you to birth a new perspective that is aligned with your highest self realization and ultimate freedom.

Yes, I include modalities such as yoga and breathwork in my sessions because I feel they offer the best opportunity for a Truthful experience while honouring the sincerity of the most ancient wisdom (physical body) .


How do I work with Trauma?


First and foremost, addressing trauma with intellect. (satisfying the minds desire to understand)

Understanding the relationship with mind.

Restoring the order instead of feeding the belief that you are the mind.

Also addressing the trauma with the breath.


Mitigating a lot of the physical manifestation of the trauma through the breath.


Hacking the autonomic system to give the space to be able to move from a survival mode to thriving, because if you are constantly dealing with trauma you are mostly operating from protection mechanisms and struggling to keep your head above water.

There is no energy for anything else.

You need a window to peak through.

In trauma there is constant anxiety, depression, illness and restriction to deal with. Creating a window to give yourself a break is crucial.

If you feel like shit you are not going to want to do yoga or meditate, even if you know it is good for you. Even if you know it is what you should do.

Truth is...That is not a priority in survival mode.

So through the breath and understanding the mind and the perception it creates, you create a window for hierarchy to be perceived and it allows for the detachment process to unfold in a safe way.

What other say :

About Carla

A challenging upbringing brought her to the realisation that she wants to serve others in the form of helping them heal.

This story played out with her studying a bachelors degree in human life science and psychology.

She then took on the role of a medical representative. It appeared that the intension around helping others in this way far outweighed the actual service.

At the age of 24 she got a burnout and this was one of the major turning points in her life. Like a tornado, her burnout rose up the traumatic wounds she tried to sweep under the rug .

The unhealed source of continuous pain lead to enormous fear to overcome it.

It was at this lowest point she decided to listen to the fear caving in around her chest and noticed it was trying to guide her towards her authenticity to live life a little louder and brighter. She embarked on a healing journey and took on the holistic approach.

From Yoga TTC, Reiki master, Akashic channeling, Crystal healer, Dream analysis, Breath work therapist, Colour therapy, Matrix reimprinting, the next chapter of her life was filled with empowerment and seeking healing, only to find the rabbit hole just grew deeper and deeper.

Her healing crisis was explored until exhausted.

It was in a state of complete hopelessness and the loss of a great love that the journey towards Ultimate Freedom started to awaken and the naked truth could be digested with less distortion.

This journey is still unfolding for her and her mission is to share The Truth.

Her life being the case study, revealing the opportunity for others to also experience a truthful relationship with life from essence instead of identity. 

Rhea Backus

Do you know that rare moment when you feel in tune with your soul? That's how I feel after working with Carla. It's a gift to yourself. She reminds me that it is not about following the teacher and get to their state of mind. It's about reconnecting with yourself, with her guiding the way.

Pien Rijlaarsdam

I got in touch with the feeling that you don't have to prove anything. Stop proving yourself. That was the taste of freedom for me or being in touch with essence. You can just be and that is enough. So that was a very big present. Thank you very much.

Cheryl Bourget

I had the most transformative experience I've ever had with breathwork, and I am a breathwork instructor. It shifted me in a way I didn't even know I needed to be shifted. In learning from her I was able to get a necessary perspective shift that really upleveled my understanding of how the mind works. 

Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How do I now this is for me?

A: Divine order exists, whether you believe in it or not. There is a reason you came across this and feel drawn to it. I could also give a logical answer here that this is a great find for those who have exhausted options, for those that have been in therapy for years with little result and even for those who have never needed therapy. This is not therapy, it is an unbecoming and birthing of new perspective. I don't offer tools, systems or make second hand promises of happiness. I promise to offer new perceptions of your story and to rekindle a Truthful relationship with life.

Q: Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

A: Short answer, YES. If you are unsatisfied with your coaching experience, reach out to us to see if your purchase is eligible for a refund.

Q: How do I schedule my appointment?

A: Upon purchasing coaching, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment.



Q: I started with the discovery option but want to go deeper, can I upgrade to the monthly or Divine Truth options?

A: Yes most definitely. You can upgrade your option when ever you feel the call to do so, and when you choose the Divine Truth option you will pay the discounted price where the amount you already invested in yourself is subtracted from the sum total.



Q: Can I purchase coaching more than once?

A: Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of coaching more than once, simply purchase another couching experience that suits your needs.



Q: Can you describe what you do in 3 words?

A: Identity to Essence