Divine Breath Order: Breathing Exercises to Discover Inner Peace

An invitation to arrive home to Yourself through yoga, breathwork, and meditation rooted in ancient knowledge.

Divine Breath Order is an experience of being present & fully aware to what the moment is providing, in a true being perspective.

Almost like the pair of glasses you never knew you needed.

These breathing techniques are for you if you:
  • are tired of the anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and sleepless nights

  • are tired of feeling lost, confused, depressed, hopeless without purpose 

  • are tired of constantly seeking without finding consistent satisfaction

  • are done with identifying with the illusions

  • are done with survival mode

  • are ready to shift your point of focus to Your True Self

  • are ready to move from identity to essence

  • are ready for ultimate freedom awareness

  • are ready to feel true calming peace within

  • are ready to learn how to breathe better

  • want to deep dive into breathing exercises to build a solid foundation for any other practice

Benefits of breathing exercises include:

  • boosts immunity on physical, emotional and spiritual levels

  • powerful insights of Truth

  • promotes resilience

  • optimizes O2 and CO2 use

  • transforms the relationship with stress and anxiety

  • processes trauma safely

  • resets your system back to its natural rhythms

  • increases the ability to stay calm in any situation

  • and many more

What does this breathwork training entail?


This course is a breathing awareness experience, where we create the correct environment so the most ancient wisdom will reveal itself. Before any unaligned habits attached itself, giving you the opportunity to connect back to your Divine True nature (freedom). This is not so much about what you will gain when divine Truth is realized but more about all the things you will detach from (suffering, anxiety, pain, confusion, stress). What is left is bliss, gratitude, peace and joy.

It is a training to unlearn ignorance and returning to Truth.


You can choose to complete it as a self-study or a guided journey where I guide you through it during live sessions.

  • live option includes 2x 2 hour zoom calls

  • >11 lessons/videos/meditation audios

  • > 6 hours of content in video, reading and audio

  • Suited for all levels of breathwork and meditation

  • Lifetime access to the course

Breathing Exercises, Techniques, Philosophy You’ll Learn
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Divine Breath Order - Self Study

A deep dive into a Truthful experience with your breath at your own rhythm



Divine Breath Order - Live Transmission

A Truthful experience through your breath with 2 LIVE zoom calls for 120min each. Direct access to Carla at any time + telegram group