I am not a healer. I facilitate healings! 

This version of me is not meant to survive or carry me to the next part of my life. A new version of me is meant to emerge from this.

My journey started with a passion to help people and my choices reflected that from a young age. It was only when I reached a burnout that I discovered I had my priorities wrong. At that time, I found myself working in the medical industry as a representative (I studied human life science and psychology B.Sc.) and not only did I realize that I was not truly helping people but that I needed to embark on my own healing journey before I can help others.

That was the start of my own healing journey and I acquired ways to assist others in their healing journeys too. I found my passion and had to share it! From the first time I stepped on a yoga mat I fell in love not with the yoga practice, despite it being confronting and difficult, but with the way it taught me to love myself. The dedication I discovered on my mat quickly infiltrated my life off my mat too. I wasted no time learning as much as I could, because I knew the journey is never ending. 

I travelled to India Rishikesh and Thailand for my Yoga training. Since then I became a conscious student and share what I learn. I have been teaching yoga internationally since 2015. I have been noticing how my holistic knowledge and yoga practice has merged. I teach hatha, vinyasa and yin asana yoga along with all the other limbs of yoga.

I have a great passion for meditations and teach it in creative ways incorporating my holistic knowledge and intuition. Some of these creative integrations in my teaching include: Crystal yoga flow (Stoned Yoga), Yin and Reiki, SOMA awakening breath work, Yin and Sound journey and many more.

Let’s get down to truthiness.  I am not a healer. I facilitate healings! I am not a space holder. Even though infinite space is contained within me, and everyone else, we all are containers  of space and holding space.

I help transmute and transform energy into more ether. If it is true that everything is energy and that it can never be created nor destroyed (existence of eternity and all) then the abundance of energy can be played with and changed from one form to the other.

And yes, please do notice how I speak with scepticism and doubt because I feel that is the cornerstone to healing. If you don’t start doubting your small self and your beliefs, then you will always keep the energy systems and patterns in your life the same. Insanity I feel is inevitable for us all at some stage, but in doubting everything I transform more space for more possibilities of reality so if I don’t like the current one... I get to facilitate the origin of a new one that resonates more with me at that time. This version of me is not meant to survive or carry me to the next part of my life. A new version of me is meant to emerge from this.

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