I am not a healer. I facilitate Truth remembrance! 

This version of me is not meant to survive or carry me to the next part of my life. The True version of me is meant to emerge from this.









A challenging upbringing brought her to the realisation that she wants to serve others in the form of helping them heal.

This story played out with her studying a bachelors degree in human life science and psychology.

She then took on the role of a medical representative. It appeared that the intension around helping others in this way far outweighed the actual service.

At the age of 24 she got a burnout and this was one of the major turning points in her life. Like a tornado, her burnout rose up the traumatic wounds she tried to sweep under the rug .

The unhealed source of continuous pain lead to enormous fear to overcome it.

It was at this lowest point she decided to listen to the fear caving in around her chest and noticed it was trying to guide her towards her authenticity to live life a little louder and brighter. She embarked on a healing journey and took on the holistic approach.

From Yoga TTC, Reiki master, Akashic channeling, Crystal healer, Dream analysis, Breath work therapist, Colour therapy, Matrix reimprinting, the next chapter of her life was filled with empowerment and seeking healing, only to find the rabbit hole just grew deeper and deeper.

Her healing crisis was explored until exhausted.

It was in a state of complete hopelessness and the loss of a great love that the journey towards Ultimate Freedom started to awaken and the naked truth could be digested with less distortion.

This journey is still unfolding for her and her mission is to share The Truth.

Her life being the case study, revealing the opportunity for others to also experience a truthful relationship with life from essence instead of identity. 


Carla's WHY?

"I, Carla here, am embarking on this journey because I feel I have a desire to learn, grow and expand beyond my own limitations and I want to share that so others can do the same. Not to follow in my footsteps, but to use the truth to build the blueprint of their authenticity.

I feel I have valuable information to share - my truth. It is time for my vulnerability to come out from hiding. I have kept my vulnerability safe behind walls because I was afraid that this purest part of my core would get damaged if I share it. I was afraid that the most fundamental part of my being could not handle coming out of hiding. But it is this gentle spark that has been carrying me through all the adversities with no condition and seeking no validation. This part of me that is raw and real and meant to be shared to encourage others to embrace, love and accept these parts of themselves."