We are all told “live your life to the fullest”,

I am here to do just that. Divine Interest serves as a vessel to project my passions and share the truth that help me to heal and grow more towards my ownthenticity.

I, Carla here, am embarking on this journey because I feel I have a desire to learn, grow and expand beyond my own limitations and I want to share that so others can do the same. Not to follow in my footsteps, but to use the truth to build the blueprint of their authenticity.

I feel I have valuable information to share - my truth. It is time for my vulnerability to come out from hiding. I have kept my vulnerability safe behind walls because I was afraid that this purest part of my core would get damaged if I share it. I was afraid that the most fundamental part of my being could not handle coming out of hiding. But it is this gentle spark that has been carrying me through all the adversities with no condition and seeking no validation. This part of me that is raw and real and meant to be shared to hopefully encourage others to embrace, love and accept these parts of themselves.



Perfect lesson if you want to take it easy but looking for something different than yin. The teacher had a very nice voice and because there was no music on, this came out even more and made the entire lesson very meditative.


Carla brings an extra layer to the flow classes. The classes are strong and have a nice pace, she always gives options for more advanced variations and if you like she helps you get further into them. The classes have mindful themes and always triggers self reflection.


A great class for beginners or experienced, Carla/ Callie is a very good instructor with fantastic energy. Very calming and soothing. The pace is good with a focus on the poses. In all my favorite class. 


Carla is a great experienced teacher!! Every week she works with a special theme. She knows really good how to motivate and challenge the class with new exercises. Every week is different, but I like that a lot! I learn a lot or new things in her classes. It's a hatha +++ class for sure!